CSHA Region 5 English Western Program

Exhibitor Point Standings

Please note the following rules requirement.

Section 5, paragraph A states that no awards will be given to any participant who has not completed the minimum requirements of the program.

The participant must complete in at least three CSHA approved shows in addition to the other requirements within Section 2, of the Region EW rules.

Section 2, paragraph P states that only the highest scores of 7 CSHA approved shows will be used to place the top 10 participants in each age division. 

 You can view the current exhibitor point standings in pdf form by

 clicking the link here.

Final as of September 16, 2018 


2018 Region 5 High Point Champions


Champion: Lila Callaway - Glitter Shadow


Champion: Kaysie Li Roth - Glitter Shadow

Res Champion: Andie Sue Roth - Indiana Tamalpais


Champion: Kaysie Li Roth - Glitter Shadow

Res Champion: Lila Callaway - Glitter Shadow


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